About Me

Kathy ZehringerKathy Zehringer

I was born the baby of 8. I have 6 brothers and 1 sister who are strong, independent, intellectual achievers and I literally “hit the ground running” trying to catch up with everyone! As a child, I was very sensitive and needy and I quickly discovered those were not traits that were rewarded in my beautiful fast-paced, driven family. So, I adapted and became very driven myself and, for most of the first half century of my life, I was all about getting “there” – wherever “there” was at the moment: from graduating from high school and college at the top of my class, earning a Master’s degree in Business while working full-time, marrying a wonderful man, having two beautiful kids, earning a six-figure income, being named the first female vice president of my company… you get the picture. I was all about the next accomplishment… getting “there” because when I got THERE, I’d be happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. I kept thinking that the answers were outside of me – with what I did, who I knew, what I had – and if I achieved or attained the next thing, maybe then I’d really “get” life and feel peace within.

But, thankfully, I had “God” crumbs in my life leading me back to myself. I was led to start journaling about what I was grateful for on a daily basis and my life began to shift. I started to notice what I loved in people versus what I wanted to change… shift, SHIFT! I started to take responsibility for my own happiness instead of expecting those around me to make me happy… bigger SHIFTS occurred! And, ultimately I found Debbie Ford’s shadow work and her Integrative Coaching program. This work brought me home to myself and all of who I was.

I learned that I was who I was looking for – not anyone or anything outside of me! I learned tools and processes to listen to myself and what I needed in every moment. I created an inspiring vision and measurable goals for what I wanted in all aspects of my life and then I noticed the beliefs and patterns that got in the way as I worked towards them on a daily basis. And, I fell in love with the parts of me – my shadows – that I had been trying to cover up all my life… things like my sensitivity which has given me the gift of my compassion and authenticity… and as I embraced all of who I was – strong/weak, smart/stupid and so much more – I invited those around me to do the same! These shifts transformed who I am today… I have become, and continue to become, all of who I’m meant to be in this world! And, I love the journey, the present moment… there is no more getting THERE!

And now my passion, my joy, and my inspiration is to coach other people looking for something more just like I was… to support them in breaking out of old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them so that they can step into lives that inspire, motivate, and light them up. I want to be used by my Integrative Coaching work to support other people in this world to come home to all of who they are… and, to truly live the words: Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, because what the world needs is more people who have come alive!