Coaching Using the Debbie Ford Models

The Best Year of Your LifeMake this your best year ever!
Blueprint CoachingExplore your soul’s blueprint
Spiritual Divorce CoachingHeal your heart around an unhealed relationship
Courage CoachingStep into the courage to be your authentic self
BSC_Coach_Color Breakthrough Shadow CoachingBreak through to a fabulous life by learning and applying the concepts of shadow work and integrative coaching
Future-Focused CoachingExperience the power of this work as you work towards & achieve one significant result in a short, 6-week process
Client Driven CoachingWeekly or monthly integrative coaching driven by current issues in your life that you are working through

Integrative Life Coaching is making it ALL about YOU for one to three hours each week for 9 to 16 weeks! As human beings, we think we’re selfish if we make it all about us. But, think about that: if you aren’t sourced and filled up to the brim with energy, love, passion for life, and compassion for yourself, what do you have to share with anyone else? When you coach with me, we make it all about you so that you can explore your life – your dreams, your thoughts, your hopes – and what might be getting in the way of you fulfilling all you want to do and be in this world. And, when you start to live from this place of self-fulfillment and personal responsibility for your own happiness, you come home to yourself and give from a place of authenticity. And, everything transforms from there – your relationships, your community, your career, and your sense of purpose in this world!

As your coach, I’m impeccably trained by the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching to support you by:

  • Listening deeply.
  • Asking powerful and clarifying questions to support you in looking within to see other viewpoints and possibilities.
  • Sharing new life skills and toolsets to support you in shifting patterns that no longer serve you and noticing beliefs and thoughts that hold you back.
  • Guiding you through coaching processes that allow you to get quiet and still within and hear what will best support you in moving forward in your life.
  • Holding you in your vision and goals for your life and accountable to living into the life of your dreams – step by step.

As I coach you, I support you in remembering how to listen to your own answers within you – not anyone else’s answers for you. And then I guide you to take responsibility for creating the life you long for by making choices and taking actions that are in alignment with the life you envision.

You begin with a free sample coaching session, allowing you to experience the benefits of coaching first hand, and then move into the coaching model we decide best supports you from there. The coaching models I offer and their related time-frames are outlined here. Click on whatever model interests you and it will take you to more specific information on the model.

So as you review the Integrative Coaching possibilities I offer you, don’t focus on whether Integrative Coaching is worth it… or whether I am worth it… Truly focus on whether YOU ARE worth it… because YOU ARE!