Q?What does Integrative Coaching with you look like?

Coaching with me is a structured, safe, and fully confidential process that includes:

  • Coaching is by telephone for 60-90 minute sessions each week where you’ll be listened to in ways you seldom experience in day-to-day life and asked powerful and clarifying questions to support you in seeing new perspectives and possibilities.
  • Every session includes an educational component followed by a process to support you in identifying where you can apply what you learned in your life.
  • You’ll spend 1-3 hours outside of the coaching session each week applying what you’ve learned in your life.
  • Coaching can be for programs ranging from 6 to 16 weeks or can be client-driven on a monthly or per-session basis.
Q?What does a life coach cost?

There are many different types and styles of life coaching from business to health life coaches. Rates can vary from $50 – +$500/session and can require you to purchase a package of life coaching sessions. My Integrative Coaching services range from a package rate of $100/session up to $125 for an individual client-driven session.

Q?Do I have to have something “wrong” in my life or a problem to benefit from life coaching?

Absolutely not! Integrative Life Coaching is to help you step into ALL you’re meant to do and be in this world and in your life so as not to leave a drop of you unexpressed when you’re done. Coach with me to tap your untapped potential and to really get at the quintessential question: Why am I here? And, from this place, you will live the answer to that question for the rest of your life and create a life that inspires and fulfills you in ways you never imagined!

Q?What kind of people do you coach?

I coach people like you and me…People that have a good life on the outside looking in but want something more in their lives…more peace, more contentment, more fulfillment…some “missing” piece. I support you in seeing a compelling vision for all aspects of your life and then starting to take steps towards your amazing future while noticing the beliefs, patterns, and disempowering processes that get in the way of you living the life of your dreams.